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Abrasive Belt Fully Automatic Grinder for Metal Flat Surface Grinding
This YL-ATPM-036 fully automatic machine is wide range of uses, easy to operate, save cost, and will provide high quality products.
Round Pipe Double Shafts Fine Mirror Effect Finishing Polishing Machine
This YL-ATPM-039 polishing machine is designed for round pipe and circle tube grinding and polishing, which can help to reach high quality and high end fine mirror effect finish easier.
Square Tube Fine Mirror Effect Finish Polishing Machine
The YL-ATPM-040 polishing machine is wide range of uses, suitabe for tubes and metal boards fine mirror polishing or wire drawing finishing, such as stainless steel square tube, aluminum oval pipe and copper screen. 
Paint Polish Machine for Cabinets and Wardrobe Plane Surface Polishing
YL-ATPM-035 polish machine is specially designed for paint board surface polishing.  Suitable for all kinds of paint panel flat surface polishing, such as cabinets, wardrobe, door, wooden tables and chairs plane surface.
wood and metal tubes surface deburring and wire drawing grinding machine
The abrasive belt sanding grinding machine suitable for wood, metal and plexiglass tubes and pipes surface deburring and wire drawing. Widely used in all kinds of handicrafts, furniture and special hardware products industry. This tube wire drawing mach
Knife, watch case, hinges and hardwares multifunction abrasive belt grinder sanding machine
YL-PM-026 multifunction grinder is widely use for home or industries. It is suitable for different shape and material hardwares grinding and repairing, such as knife, watch case, hinges and so on.
Yi-Liang Watch case plate suface and sides round disc polishing machine
The YL-PM-021 round disc grinding machine with 3 buffing wheels, which can make rough grinding, middle polishing, final finishing finish on a production line and a machine. This machine is easy-manipulation, High-efficiency. Suitable for surface grinding
Dinnerware handle edge and R connector edge grinding and polishing machine
YL-PM-004 and YL-PM-005 edge grinding machine are designed for cutlery handle edge and R connector part abrasive and polishing, like spoon and fork edge.