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Abrasive Belt Fully Automatic Grinder for Metal Flat Surface Grinding

Item No.: YL-ATPM-036
This YL-ATPM-036 fully automatic machine is wide range of uses, easy to operate, save cost, and will provide high quality products.
Product parameters
Type: YL-ATPM-036
Machine Parameters: 380V, 50Hz, Three-Phase Four-Wire
Abrasive Belt Size: 915mm* 100mm (L*W)
Machine Size: 1.3m* 0.9m* 1.3m (L*W*H)
Machine Weight: 650kg
Application: for all kinds metal products plane surface grinding, deburring and wire drawing
abrasive belt fully automatic grinder for metal flat surface grinding

Technical Parments
Item YL-ATPM-036 Abrasive Belt Fully Automatic Grinder
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, Three-phase four-wire
Main motor power 1.5KW
Rotate speed 1440r/mim
Hydraulic motor power 1.5KW (Control abrasive belt sway)
Hydraulic cylinder specification 30mm* 20mm (diameter* length)
Feeder motor power 0.75KW
Feeder size 550mm* 450mm (diameter* height)
The grinding product width Less or equal to 80mm
Grind time 3 seconds (feeding and grinding, can adjust)
Abrasive belt size 915mm* 100mm (L*W)
Abrasive belt swing up down left right
Machine weight 650KG
Machine Size 1.3m* 0.9m* 1.3m (L*W*H)
Customized Can design to be water grinder for reducing dust.

Advantages of The Grinding Machine
1. Save labor costs: This fully automatic grinding machine only need one person to feeding, start the machine, collecting, and shutting down the machine. So, one person can operate several machine at the same time.
2. Increase the replacement rate of professional polishing operator: setting the grinding data on the machine at first, then anyone who operate the machine can put out required products with required grinding effect.
3. Ensure products quality: According to pre-set a good grinding data, the grinding effect of the products after grinding is unified and stable.
4. Easy to operate: the combination of operation panel touch screen and button, easy to understand, and more humane.
5. Wide range of uses: suitable for all kinds metal products plane surface grinding, deburring and wire drawing. Such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron, alloy, and so on.
6. Grinding effect diversification: the abrasive belt swing mode can be adjusted to up and down / left and right / up and down around, satisfy for most of grinding effect requirement.
7. Can be customized: according to customer requirements, the machine can design to be abrasive belt water grinding machine, to reduce dust.
by gaurav gulati
Jun 22,2017
want to buy a machine
dear sir, i am from india , i need machines for alloy metal button and buckals finishing and polishing thanks gaurav