Folded air cotton wheel for stainless steel polishing

Generally, we will use cotton polishing wheel to achieve mirror finishing in the last step of stainless polishing. But there are another choice is folded air cotton polishing wheel.

The difference between them are the cutting and producing technology. Cotton polishing wheel is made of circle cotton cloth layers and sewn with round cotton thread. But the materials of fold air polishing wheel is cotton cloth by bias cut, and lined to be fold wheel trough machine and metal clamp.

The bias cut make every thread of cotton cloth become radially to improve cutting force, and the fold can increase air flow to reduce the product surface temperature during polishing.

The best diameter of air fold cotton polishing buff is 300mm to 500mm, because the lager diameter of the air cotton wheel, the less effect of the fold. More near to the medium (300mm to 500mm), better effect to polish.

Fold air cotton polishing wheel is widely use for different materials polishing, not only stainless steel, but also others.