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3m 401Q abrasive paper for surface sanding
The abrasive papers are also widely use for metal, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and alloy .etc surface gridning and polishing.
YOL white solid grind compounds/wax/paste bar to reach mirror effect finishing
Y613 for final step polishing to reach mirror effect.
YOL sanding compounds/wax/paste bar for stainless steel products rough grinding
Y103 have strong cutting force, uniform fine lines, with a certain luminosity. For coarse grinding, combined with the steel, bone glue (or water gum), abrasive belts work together.
YOL blue solid grind compounds/wax/paste bar for round tube polishing
The blue compound made with imported material.Strong cutting force, focuses on luster qualitly, delicate lines. Use with sisal wheel when buffing. Mostly used for stainless steel parts coarse grinding.
YOL yellow compounds/wax/paste bar for all kinds of aluminum and copper alloy with high quality required
Y212 use with the sisal wheel or the cloth buffing wheel. Suitable for all  kinds of aluminum and copper alloy with high quality required.
YOL purple abrasive wax with strong cutting force for iron/hardness metal grinding and buffing
with strong cutting force, medium class brightness, and with finest lines.Purple compound using with sisal wheel when polishing.
blue cotton buffing wheel for polishing copper alloy dinnerware tableware
Blue wheel made of high quality pages of soft cotton cloth,and then sewing then together, to become a circle polishing wheel.Using with green or white wax, it can reach fine mirror effect.
YOL green abrasive wax for zinc alloy final mirror polishing
The green compound with strong cutting force, cooperate with the cloth wheel. Slightly more oil, more used in stainless steel cooking utensils than large pieces of fine polishing.
wood and metal tubes surface deburring and wire drawing grinding machine
The abrasive belt sanding grinding machine suitable for wood, metal and plexiglass tubes and pipes surface deburring and wire drawing. Widely used in all kinds of handicrafts, furniture and special hardware products industry. This tube wire drawing mach
Knife, watch case, hinges and hardwares multifunction abrasive belt grinder sanding machine
YL-PM-026 multifunction grinder is widely use for home or industries. It is suitable for different shape and material hardwares grinding and repairing, such as knife, watch case, hinges and so on.