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Abrasive tool sand paper disc and grinding wheel for rough grinding
We can offer many kinds of abrasive products, such as abrasive belt, sand disc, sand block, abrasive paper flap wheel, grinding head, and so on. If you have any require, please contact us.
yi liang grinding polishing wax help polishing for fine mirror effect finishing
YiLiang polishing wax can divide into 3 parts, first is rough grinding wax (Y103 grinding sanding wax), second is medium grinding wax (Y212, Y301A/B, Y401, Y702 grinding wax), and the last is fine polishing wax (Y511, Y512, Y515, Y521, Y613 polishing wax.
yl industrial scouring pad roll, industrial scouring pad and non-woven abrasive belt use for deburring, cleaning and wire drawing
These non woven products is self-sharpening, anti-blocking, wire drawing, will not burn the polished products to black, high efficiency, durable, etc. Widely use for product surface deburring, grinding, cleaning and polishing.
YiLiang non woven nylon grinding polishing wheel for metal surface wire drawing
YL-NW non woven nylon grinding polishing wheel is wear resisting, strong cutting force, anti-blocking ,durabe, high effciency, fine finish. Especially use for metal and plastic products surface deburring and wire drwaing finishing.
YiLiang vertical abrasive belt arc bit water grinding machine for deburring and polishing
YL-PM-033 abrasive belt vertical water grinding machine is widely use for arc products deburring, grinding, cleaning and polishing. Especially suitable for bathroom glass clip grinding and polishing.
yi-liang vertical abrasive belt water grinding machine for side and edge grinding
YL-PM-032 abrasive belt water grinding machine is using for vertical wire drawing, suitable for metal, hardware and palstic products side and edge grinding.
YILIANG cotton cloth bias air folded polishing wheel for fine mirror finshing
The YL-AW cotton cloth air folded polishing buff is strong cutting force, high brighness, fine finishing, can cool the polished products surface and so on. Widely use for metal and non metal products polishing, such as wood, stainless steel, aluminum, cop
Yi-liang hydrulic stretch/ tensile/ deep drawing press punching machine
The YL-PM-Y28 hydraulic punch machine is widely use for metal raw materials stretch/ tensile and deep drawing stamping, also use for stretching, forming and straightening.
Yiliang sisal/ oil sisal/ rope sisal/ cloth sisal grinding wheel
The YL-SW sisal grinding wheel is made of high quality materials and different produce techinique to become different shape, you can choose different shape according to your need. It is also wide use for all metal products gridning and polishing.
yi-liang watch case and glass clip vertical universal milling machine
The YL-PM-03 milling machine is universal, suitable for many kinds of products milling and grinding. Suitable for different kinds of materials, such as metal, wood, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, alloy, steel, iron, inox and so on.
Yiliang single disc automatic water sanding grinding and polidhing machine
The YL-PM-019 automatic water sanding grinding and polidhing machine suitable for different products plane surface grinding and polishing, such as door clip folder, door hinges,nameplate, small hardwares, watch case, phone case, metal sheet, button, dial
Yi liang cotton cloth polishing wheel for fine mirror finishing
YL-CW polishing wheel included cotton polishing wheel, loose cotton wheel, stitched colth wheel, jeans cloth wheel, leather polishing wheel and cotton pressure wheel, all of them are widely use for product surface cleaning and polishing. Especially use t