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YL-PM060 automatic environmental protection dust removal explosion-proof stainless steel metal electric grinding sand belt machine

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Update time : 2021-04-26 09:53:04

Working principle of explosion-proof dust separation :
     Wet-type explosion-proof and dust-proof polishing machine, the dust gas generated during the polishing and polishing process is attracted by the fan through the dust suction device, and the dust-containing exhaust gas waste passes through the pipe and enters the water curtain spray W type three-way dust collecting air duct. It is the first-stage filtration and enters the flowerless filter. This is the second-stage filtration. With the centrifugal action of the high-efficiency energy-saving fan and the double-action flushing and washing of high-pressure water, the explosive dust gas has been completely removed, and the explosion-proof control cabinet (flammable Electrical equipment for dusty environments), explosion-proof warning lights and other components provide early warning and protection to meet the requirements of explosion-proof standards.

Water filter and cleaning device on the back:
      The filtered waste water passes through the first filter screen to filter out large debris, and then passes through the pump to enter the second fine filter screen (the water after the first filter is not easy to block the pump). Smaller particulate impurities are filtered out, and after two water filtrations, most of the discharged waste water has been removed from impurities. The first and second screens can be removed and flushed with a high-pressure water gun equipped with the equipment. The pressure gun improves the convenience of cleaning by the operator. The equipment is equipped with a filter pressure gauge. When the impurity reaches a certain amount, the pressure gauge will alarm to remind the operator to clean the filter device.

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